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Resources - Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke

Wanna write or edit a book? Here's all you need to know about how the publishing process works here.

Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke
So You Want to be a Tech Editor?

Just like with an author, your first job is to read through all of this. You’ll be much more effective if you understand the book publishing process here as well as why we’re different, and what we’re trying to accomplish. As you’ll see, the tech editor is a critical part of the publishing process here. And as I’ve mentioned before, your name goes on the cover too.

If you’ve already spoken to an author about a specific book, I’m sure I’ll have heard about your interest already. If you’re just interested in editing but don’t have a particular book you’re interested in, email me with contact info, experience, and what type of topics you’re interested in (and qualified to edit!) Most tech editors send me a resume so I can see what type of projects they've worked on and for how long. I'll need a bio from you for the book, so you might as well pull that together now.
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