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Resources - Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke

Wanna write or edit a book? Here's all you need to know about how the publishing process works here.

Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke
Ebook Stuff

One feature that sets us apart from most other publishers is that we offer the complete text of the printed book in electronic format (Adobe PDF) as a free download to purchasers of the printed book. The ebook is also available separately at a nominal discount ($10 less) for those who just want to download the PDF itself. (Ebook-only customers can also download the source code.)

We also offer ebooks through other sources, such as other online stores and a variety of electronic media resellers. These arrangements are all taken care of by our distributor.

You, the author or editor, don't have to do any additional work with respect to ebooks - we take the same PDF that we send to the printer, adjust it for online consumption (such as adding bookmarks, thumbnails and hyperlinks), and that's that. Ebook sales are broken out separately on your monthly royalty statements - in fact, most often your first royalty statement will just show ebook sales since we can start selling the ebook while the printed book is still at the printer.

Ebook-only books

Once in a while, an author will come to us with an idea for a book that warrants serious attention, but in my judgement doesn't appear to have the broad appeal necessary to invest in producing printed books. At the same time, the information is valuable enough that it shouldn't go to waste. In situations like these, we may choose to produce an electronic-only version of the book.

The process for producing the book is the same, except that we don't actually print books, nor do we commission a fancy cover. We'll line up a tech editor and a copy editor, submit the ebook to our distributor for exposure to additional resellers, and promote and sell the book ourselves.

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