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Resources - Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke

Wanna write or edit a book? Here's all you need to know about how the publishing process works here.

Write/Edit for Hentzenwerke
Going to Press

Once the final PDF has been reviewed by the author, copy edit/layout will make any final changes and then format the PDF to be sent to the printer. (The printer is very particular about the exact specifications for the PDF.)

Next, copy edit/layout will add features to the PDF (such as bookmarks, thumbnails, and hyperlinks) so that it's ready for sale as an ebook.

It usually takes about three calendar weeks from the time the final PDF is submitted to the printer until the time that physical books are ready to ship. Our printer also warehouses and ships books for us. We queue up orders to our distributor and advance orders from our website a couple of days early so that they can begin shipping books as soon as they are ready.

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