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Your Account

Your one-stop location for managing all of your Hentzenwerke information.

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Your email and mailing lists

Join/edit/leave our mailing list

You have the choice of controlling how often, if at all, you want to receive email from us. Your choices are:

  • Preferred Customer mailing list. (A 2x-4x/month mailing that covers all website updates so that you don't have to keep visiting our site yourself.)
    • New product announcements
    • Announcements of new free whitepapers
    • Updates to downloads, FAQs and errata
    • 5% extra discount on top of all other discounts
    • Other special information and incentives from time to time
  • Regular mailing list. (A 6x-9x/year mailing that covers major announcements.)
    • Upon release of new books
    • Announcements of major conference events
  • Do not ever email. (What it sounds like - we'll never email you. Period.)
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Subscribe/unsubscribe to our free e-newsletters

Subscribe to one or more of our free e-newsletters. Sent to you via plain-text email. Your email address will never be given to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • ISC (Independent Systems Consultant). A monthly e-newsletter covering various aspects of the consulting business. See past issues here.
  • LTN (Linux Transfer Notes). A weekly e-newsletter for Windows developers who are looking to transfer their skill set to the Linux platform. Covers the range from initial installation to application development, all from the point of view of a Windows developer. See past issues here.

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Change your email address

Need to change your email address? You'll need your current email address and password. Forgot your password? See below!

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Your profile, orders and downloads

View your old orders

Want to see a list of your old orders? You can do this yourself!

1. Go to our online order form (The URL is in the last step below.)
2. Select "Returning Customers".
3. Log in using your email address and password.
4. Check the "Show Orders" check box at the bottom of the screen.
5. The customer information screen will appear, together with a list of your existing orders.
6. Click here to go to the online order form.

Note: We'll be adding functionality to track an existing order from our website in the future. For the time being, you'll need to use the tracking number that you received in an email from UPS after your order was processed.

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Get your downloads

This is where to go to get
-- downloads for books you have bought from Hentzenwerke
-- downloads for conferences
-- where to add HWP books that you bought elsewhere to your profile.

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Add books to your profile

About your profile: We maintain a profile of Hentzenwerke books that you have bought directly from us so that you can easily download the files (ebooks, source code, and updates) associated with those books. (Click HERE to go to our download center.) When you buy books from our online store, those purchases are automatically added to your profile.

Adding books you've bought elsewhere: You can add books that you've bought from other places (like other online stores, bookstores, other distributors or that lonely looking fellow on the street corner). Here's how it works (the link to start is in the last step):

1. You'll need to register with us if this is your first time here. Just your email address and a password of your own choosing.
2. Then you'll be asked a question about the book like "What's the fourth word on page 45" - you'll need the physical book with you. This is done in order to prove ownership.
3. The book will be added to your profile (assuming that you answered the question correctly).
4. You'll get two links - one for adding another book to your profile and the other for getting a list of links for your downloads.

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Change your shipping address

Use the link below to change your shipping address or telephone number.

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Your password

Change your password

Want to change your password into something more memorable? Or at least not as funky as the system assigned keys we used if we didn't have a password for you in the beginning?

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Did you forget your password?

Forgot your password? No problem.

Just click here and your password will be emailed to the email address we have on file for you.

Has your email address changed or is it otherwise unavailable?

Click here to change your email address in your customer record.

Forgot your password AND you can't get to the email address you have on file with us (say, because it's changed and you no longer have access to it)? Hey, it happens, so still no worries!

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