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Conferences - GLGDW 2006

The scoop on the 2006 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.

Late Breaking News
Session Topics
  Battling Fox FUD
  Class Design
  Data Access
  Development Envir.
  Error Handling
  Middle Tier Compon.
  Project Management
  User Interfaces
  Vertical Mkt. Arch.
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GLGDW 2006

Best Practices for Development Environment Setup - Speaker: Panel (Hennig, Schummer, et al)

Visual FoxPro earned its stripes as a Rapid Application Development tool, and while that phrase (RAD) has fallen out of favor, the idea behind it - rapid prototyping and development of application segments quickly - is almost always a desirable quality.

Fox, perhaps more than many other tools, lends itself well to RAD because it can be extended both from the inside (since many of its tools are themselves written in Fox) and the outside, through the use of third-party add-ins and tools. As a result, the Visual FoxPro IDE can be highly customized to suit nearly any style of development.

Common sense dictates that we should customize our development environment to automate the routine tasks we run repeatedly run into, and arrange our working area so that we dispense with (or, at least, lessen) the common problems that accompany software development.

In this session, our panelists will share their favorite best practices for tuning their development environment for their particular needs. Rare will be the attendee who doesn't pick up a half-dozen ideas by the end of the session!

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