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Conferences - GLGDW 2006

The scoop on the 2006 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.

Late Breaking News
Session Topics
  Battling Fox FUD
  Class Design
  Data Access
  Development Envir.
  Error Handling
  Middle Tier Compon.
  Project Management
  User Interfaces
  Vertical Mkt. Arch.
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GLGDW 2006

Best Practices for Debugging - Speaker: Panel

Doug Hennig and I worked side-by-side on a project a number of years ago, and since we'd both been schooled in VFP by the same environment and culture, our development styles were fairly similar. However, it was remarkable to find that our approaches to debugging were completely different - while we both used the VFP debugger extensively, we each relied different tools inside the debugger - resulting in totally different styles.

In this session, a handful of speakers will each address their favorite debugging techniques and styles. Bring your favorite problem and ask the panel how they'd approach it themselves!

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