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Conferences - GLGDW 2006

The scoop on the 2006 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.

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GLGDW 2006


Andy Kramek

Andy is an independent consultant and long-standing FoxPro developer. After many years working in England and Europe Andy moved to Akron, Ohio at the beginning of 2001. He and his wife, Marcia Akins, are joint owners of Tightline Computers Inc and they have, for many years, specialized in the development of customized data-centric software. As well as having been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional every year since 1998 he is also a Microsoft Certified Professional for Visual FoxPro in both Desktop and Distributed applications. 

He has spoken at User Groups and Conferences all over the world, recent conferences include Advisor DevCon (2001, 2002), GLGDW (Milwaukee 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003), Essential Fox (Kansas City, 2002, 2003, 2004), Southwest Fox (Tempe, 2004, 2005), European Devcon (Frankfurt 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005), CTTM( Amsterdam, 2000, 2002) and the Praha Devcon (Prague, 2002, 2005).

In addition to helping write white papers on Visual FoxPro 7.0 for Microsoft, he has been co-author of the monthly "Kitbox" column in FoxTalk Magazine, since April 1998 partnered, since December 2001 by his wife, Marcia Akins, and he now has more than 90 articles in that series to his credit. Book credits include "The Revolutionary Guide to Visual FoxPro OOP", Wrox Press, 1996 and, together with Marcia Akins and Rick Schummer, he co-wrote the very successful "1001 Things You Wanted to Know About VFP", Hentzenwerke Publishing, 2000 (which won the Universal Thread Members Choice Award 2001 for Best VFP Book). The same team re-assembled a year later to write “MegaFox: 1002 Things you Wanted to know about Extending VFP”, Hentzenwerke Publishing, 2002.

Barbara Peisch

Barbara Peisch has been a Fox developer since 1988. Her current company, Peisch Custom Software, was started in 1997. Barbara has been speaking at conferences since 2002, and has authored numerous articles for various publications. She was also the technical editor for "WebRAD: Building Database Websites with Visual FoxPro and Web Connection" and was a Microsoft MVP for several years. Barbara can be reached at

Cathy Pountney

Cathy Pountney is a three-time recipient of the Microsoft VFP MVP award and has been developing software for 24 years, thirteen of which were as an independent consultant specializing in FoxPro. In 2001 she had the privilege of spending six months as a contractor onsite in Redmond with the Microsoft Fox Team. She now works for Memorial Business Systems writing software for the cemetery industry.

Cathy has spoken at many FoxPro conferences and user groups across the U.S. and Canada, written articles for various magazines and her book, The Visual FoxPro Report Writer: Pushing it to the Limit and Beyond, is available from Hentzenwerke Publishing. You can contact Cathy at, view her website at, and view MBS’s website at

Craig Berntson

Craig has been developing custom and packaged software since 1984 and has worked with every version of Fox, beginning with FoxBase. Currently he uses Visual FoxPro 8 and 9, Microsoft SQL Server, C++, and C# to develop medical coding and database software for 3M Health Information Systems in Salt Lake City. He has authored articles for FoxTalk and the VFUG Newsletter and wrote the book CrysDev: A Developer's Guide to Integrating Crystal Reports, available from Hentzenwerke Publishing. Craig has spoken at Advisor DevCon, Great Lakes Great Database Workshop, Southwest Fox, Essential Fox, DevTeach. German DevCon, FoxCon, several Microsoft events, and user groups around the country. He is the President of the Salt Lake City Fox User group, where he is also a frequent speaker. Craig is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and has been a Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP since 1997. You can contact him at or read his blog, DevBlog, at .

Doug Hennig

Doug Hennig is a partner with Stonefield Software Inc. He is the author of the award-winning Stonefield Database Toolkit (SDT), the award-winning Stonefield Query, and the MemberData Editor, Anchor Editor, New Property/Method Dialog, and CursorAdapter and DataEnvironment builders that come with Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Doug is co-author of the “What’s New in Visual FoxPro” series and “The Hacker’s Guide to Visual FoxPro 7.0”. He was the technical editor of “The Hacker’s Guide to Visual FoxPro 6.0” and “The Fundamentals.” All of these books are from Hentzenwerke Publishing.

Doug writes the monthly “Reusable Tools” column in FoxTalk. He has spoken at every Microsoft FoxPro Developers Conference (DevCon) since 1997 and at user groups and developer conferences all over the world. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Web: and, Email:

Marcia Akins

Marcia is an independent Consultant and software developer who for the past few years has worked primarily with Visual FoxPro. She and her husband, Andy Kramek own and operate Tightline Computers, Inc. from their home in Akron, Ohio. She has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 1999 and also has Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications for both Distributed and Desktop Applications in Visual FoxPro.

Marcia has co-authored the Kitbox column in FoxTalk Magazine since November, 2001. Her published work also includes several articles for both FoxPro Advisor and FoxTalk magazines as well as the very successful book "1001 Things You Wanted to Know About VFP" (Hentzenwerke publishing, 2000) and "MegaFox: 1002 Things You Wanted to Know About Extending VFP" (Hentzenwerke publishing, 2002).

Nancy Folsom

Nancy Folsom has been developing business information applications for both the private and government sectors for 18 years. As owner of Pixel Dust Industries, est. 1998, she provides software development, project management, and software mentoring services to clients in wide-variety of business.

She is the author of the book Debugging Visual FoxPro Applications (Hentzenwerke Publishing), and has written articles for Visual Studio Magazine, FoxTalk, CoDe Magazine (EPS Publishing) and the Virtual Fox User Group Newsletter. Nancy was a Microsoft MVP from 1998-2002. She can be reached at

Rick Borup

Rick Borup is owner and president of Information Technology Associates, a professional software development, computer services, and information systems consulting firm he founded in 1993. Rick earned BS and MBA degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and spent several years developing software applications for mainframe computers before turning to microcomputer database development tools in the late 1980s. He began working with FoxPro in 1991, and has worked full time in FoxPro and Visual FoxPro since 1993. He is co-author of the book Deploying Visual FoxPro Solutions, technical editor of the Advisor Discovery column for Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual FoxPro (formerly FoxPro Advisor), and a frequent speaker at FoxPro conferences and user groups. Rick is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Visual FoxPro.

Rick Schummer

Rick Schummer is the president and lead geek at White Light Computing, Inc., which is headquartered in southeast Michigan, USA. He prides himself in guiding his customers' Information Technology investment toward success. He enjoys working with top-notch developers; has a passion for developing software using best practices, and for surpassing customer expectations, not just meeting them. After hours he writes developer tools that improve productivity and occasionally pens articles for FoxTalk, FoxPro Advisor, and several user group newsletters.

Rick is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (VFP), and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Rick is co-author of What’s New In Nine: Visual FoxPro’s Latest Hits, Deploying Visual FoxPro Solutions, MegaFox: 1002 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Extending Visual FoxPro and the award winning 1001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Visual FoxPro (KiloFox), all from Hentzenwerke Publishing. He is a regular presenter for user groups across North America, and at GLGDW 2000-2003, EssentialFox 2002-2004, Southwest Fox 2004-2005, German DevCon 2005, and VFE DevCon 2K2 and 2005 conferences.

You can reach Rick at,, and

Tamar E Granor

Tamar E. Granor, Ph.D., is the owner of Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC. She has developed and enhanced numerous Visual FoxPro applications for businesses and other organizations. She currently focuses on working with other developers through consulting and subcontracting. Tamar served as Editor of FoxPro Advisor magazine from 1994 to 2000. She is the magazine's Technical Editor and co-author of the popular Advisor Answers column.

Tamar is author or co-author of nine books including the award winning Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Office Automation with Visual FoxPro. Her most recent books are Taming Visual FoxPro's SQL and What's New in Nine: Visual FoxPro's Latest Hits. Her books are available from Hentzenwerke Publishing (

Tamar is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Support Most Valuable Professional. Tamar speaks frequently about Visual FoxPro at conferences and user groups in North America and Europe, including every FoxPro DevCon since 1993. She is a Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. She served as Technical Content Manager for the 1997-1999 Visual FoxPro DevCons and was part of the coordination team for the Visual FoxPro Excellence Awards.

You can reach her at or through
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