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Conferences - GLGDW 2006

The scoop on the 2006 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.

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GLGDW 2006

Where to Eat

You'll want to grab a bite to eat either right after the afternoon sessions. Here are some suggestions. Most places should be open until at least 10 pm weekdays, but call ahead or have a second choice on hand just in case. There are others - let me know what you like and I'll add them to the list for next year.


There's a nifty revolving restaurant at the top of the Hyatt. Well, if you're from Milwaukee, it's nifty. Dress is 'business-casual' and prices range from $15 - $25. I like this place a lot. Could be crowded on weekends. Hyatt Service has been known to be, er, uneven.

1: Water Street Brewery

One of my favorite places to eat in downtown; this local brew-pub has a wide variety of sandwiches, entrees and beers. Casual attire. $5-$15.

2: Brew City

One of Milwaukee's better bar-b-que places, if it's warm you may still be able to eat outside. I go here a lot. Casual attire. $5 - $10.

3: Egan's

Fanciest place on this list; you'll need nice clothes and possibly a reservation. A snotty attitude wouldn't be out of place either. $20 - $40.

4: Wyndham Hotel

The Wyndham is located in the City Center and there are a variety of shops and restaurants in various nooks and crannies of the building. They change a lot, so information posted here would be out of date by the time you read it.

5: Wells Street Station

Popular lunch time hangout with great sandwiches, Italian food, pizzas. Inexpensive but nice place for dinner too. This place rounds out my top five faves in downtown Milwaukee, even though they ran out of everything but tap water when I took the speakers here one year. Casual. $10-$20. 

6: Safe House (International Exports Ltd.)

Theme bar with a sandwich/entree menu. The theme is "spies" and people have been coming to Milwaukee to experience the Safe House for 30 years. Go down the alley, look for the red door labeled "International Exports" and be prepared for, well, anything. During high school (that's when the drinking age was still 18), I made out with more girls in the dark corners scattered throughout this place than in any other place on the planet. Casual attire. $10-$15. 

7: John Hawk's Pub

Pub in the basement of the 100 East office building. I eat here a lot as well - both lunch and dinner. Great view of the river, but note I didn't say 'great river'. Casual attire. $10 - $20.

8: Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom has the distinction of having ejected a majority of the speakers at GLGDW at one time or another. Nonetheless, people keep coming back. I've never eaten here because I'm scared that, as Gran Poo-Bah of GLGDW, I'd be put in jail on sight. $10 - $15. Casual attire.

9: Third Street Pier

Second nicest place on the list - includes tablecloths and excellent food. You might not need a tie, but it wouldn't hurt. Reservations? Possibly. $20 - $40.

A: Mader's

Genuine Milwaukee German cuisine. Unfortunately, I don't like German cuisine so I can't tell you if this is a good place or not from personal experience, but friends say it's good. They also refer to the Bucks and Brewers as professional sports teams. Business casual, $15 - $30.

B: Major Goolsby's

Sports bar. Say it with me: "Duh. Get ball." But it's close, fast, and inexpensive. Leave the tie and manners at home.

C: Grand Avenue Mall Food Court

Mall food. Do you need a dictionary?

D: Amtrak Train Station 

One block south of Michigan.

About Downtown:

Downtown Milwaukee is clean and safe even late at night. Stick to the main streets in the area bounded by the numbers on the map above and your main problem will probably be finding a place that stays open late enough.

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