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Conferences - GLGDW 2006

The scoop on the 2006 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.

Late Breaking News
Session Topics
  Battling Fox FUD
  Class Design
  Data Access
  Development Envir.
  Error Handling
  Middle Tier Compon.
  Project Management
  User Interfaces
  Vertical Mkt. Arch.
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GLGDW 2006

Best Practices for Deployment - Speaker: Rick Borup

Deployment is a critical path in any application development project. Because itís usually the last step in a long process, developers may not give much thought to deployment until near the end of the development cycle. This is a mistake. At best, ignoring deployment issues until the end adds risk to the project and may delay implementation; at worst, serious deployment problems or even outright failures can ruin the overall success of even the best of apps.

Successful deployment is more of a process than a task. In this session, Rick takes you through the three primary phases of that process: pre-deployment planning, including designing with deployment in mind; the deployment process itself, looking at various approaches to creating the build and distributing the setup; and post-deployment follow-up, including the handling of updates and patches and the management of support issues.

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