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When X Dies: How to Kill and Restart X Windows

Click HERE to download the PDF.

by Whil Hentzen
Length: 7 pgs
Formats Available: PDF
Press date: 2005/1/18
Updated: 2006/10/22
Source code: N/A

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A GUI is a complex piece of software; combined with the event driven capabilities, you may run into the situation where your GUI locks up on you. Unlike Windows, the Linux GUI isn't tightly bound into the underlying OS; instead, it's a set of separate programs running on top of the OS. As a result, however, you're not forced to restart your machine due to problems with the GUI itself. This whitepaper discusses the options you've got available to you to recover a failed X Windows session.

Table of Contents

1. Preface
1.1. Copyright
1.2. Revisions
1.2.1. History
1.2.2. New version
1.2.3. Feedback and corrections
1.3. Acknowledgements
1.4. Disclaimer
1.5. Prerequisites

2. Genesis: What happened to lock up the GUI

3. Dealing with an unresponsive keyboard

4. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace

5. Working with a console if X is dead

6. Using PS and KILL to find and destroy processes
6.1 Using PS
6.2 Finding processes you're interested in
6.3 Killing a process once you've found it

7. Your second recourse: the KILL command

8. Your third recourse: Kill off Window then Session manager

9. Your fourth recourse: Use init

10. Your last recourse: Reboot 11. About Zombies 12. Where to go for more information

13. About the author

14. A word from our sponsor

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