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Installing Fedora Core 1

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by Whil Hentzen
Length: 42 pgs
Formats Available: PDF
Press date: 2004/1/29
Source code: N/A

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In mid 2003, Red Hat spun off their mainstream Red Hat distribution into a true Open Source project called "Fedora Core". FC, as it's known, differs from Red Hat Linux in a couple of specific ways - first, you can only get it by downloading ISOs (or getting them from a friend), and second, it'll be updated on a regular basis, but strictly through Open Source means. Some have taken these changes to mean that FC will be unstable or otherwise unworthy of attention anymore, and thus have been reluctant to give it a try. That's not really fair - most people think that FC is on a par with where "Red Hat 10" would have been at this time. Some people may not be convinced, so to give those doubting Thomas's in the audience a preview of what FC looks like, I use a liberal number of screen shots as well as detailed supporting explanations to show you how to install Fedora Core from scratch for desktop usage.

Table of Contents

1. Preface
1.1. Copyright
1.2. Revisions
1.2.1. History
1.2.2. New version
1.2.3. Feedback and corrections
1.3. References and acknowledgments
1.4. Disclaimer
1.5. Prerequisites

2. Prologue

3. The big picture

4. The details - step by step
4.1 Downloading Fedora Core
4.1.1 Download the three ISO files
4.2.2 Verify that the bits came down properly
4.2.3 Burn a CD
4.2 Installing Fedora Core
4.2.1 Prepare for installation
4.2.2 The installation screens Welcome screen Language selection Keyboard layout Mouse configuration Monitor configuration Installation type Disk partitioning selection Automatic partitioning Boot loader configuration Network configuration Firewall configuration Additional language support TIme zone selection Set root password Package installation defaults Package group selection About to install screen Required install media screen Installing packages dialog Boot diskette creation Congratulations!
4.2.3 Final setup Welcome License agreement Date and time User account Sound card Additional CDs Final setup

5. Advanced Topics/Alternatives/Options
5.1 Modifying automatic partitioning's choices
5.2 Customizing the boot loader options
5.2.1 Writing to the Master Boot Record
5.2.2 Editing the boot loader's label
5.2 Assigning static IP addresses instead of DHCP

6. Where to go for more information

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