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Linux Installfest FAQ

Click HERE to download the PDF.

by Whil Hentzen
Length: 7 pgs
Formats Available: PDF
Press date: 2003/9/1
Source code: N/A

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One of the unique functions of a Linux User Group is that event known as an "Installfest". An installfest is a special type of LUG meeting where people bring computers to the meeting to get help installing, updating, or tweaking their Linux installation. This document describes in more detail what happens at an Installfest from the new attendee's point of view.

Table of Contents

1. Preface
1.1. Copyright
1.2. Revisions
1.2.1. History
1.2.2. New version
1.2.3. Feedback and Corrections
1.3. Acknowledgements
1.4. Disclaimer
1.5. Prerequisites

2. What is an Installfest?

3. What goes on at an Installfest?

4. How do I participate in an Installfest?

5. I have a Windows machine. Can I get Linux installed on it and still keep Windows on it and still access all of my old data?

6. Any other tips?

7. Where to go for more information

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