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FoxRockX Single Issue, March/April, 2009 (No. 7)

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Authors:  Marcia Akins, Jim Booth, Tamar E. Granor, Doug Hennig, Andy Kramek, Rick Schummer

Length: 24 pages (A4)
Formats Available: Printed (incl. electronic) or Electronic only
Printed format: A4 (210x297 mm or 8.3x11.7 in)
Electronic format: PDF
Single Issue Price ($US): 29.00 (printed+electronic) $19.00 (electronic only)
Press date: March, 2009

Printed issue availability: 2009/03 issue being mailed on 3/05.
Electronic issue availability: Available for download.
Source code: Available for download.

March, 2009 - Number 7
Editorial: Thanks for the Memories
[[Doug Hennig]]
As they discuss in this issue's article, Andy Kramek and Marcia Akins have written their last Kitbox column. Doug offers a tribute to Andy and Marcia to celebrate their years of contribution to the FoxPro community.

VFPX: FoxTabs, The VFP IDE
[[Rick Schummer]]
FoxTabs is relatively new to VFPX, but has been in development for years. In October 2008 project manager Joel Leach dusted off the initial development started several years ago by Craig Bailey and Scott Scovell and began moving the tool forward. This month Rick will discuss this innovative approach to enhancing the VFP IDE and explain how he uses it to enhance his productivity.

Deep Dive: Creating Explorer Interfaces in VFP, Part 2
[[Doug Hennig]]
In the first part of this three-part series, Doug presented a set of classes that form the basis of an Explorer-style interface. This article looks at more of these classes.

[[KitBox]]: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
[[Marcia Akins]] and [[Andy Kramek]]
For more than 10 years Andy has been writing the Kitbox Column. He was first published, with co-author and long-time friend, Paul Maskens, in the April 1998 edition of FoxTalk. Andy and Paul wrote some 42 articles together in the three and a half years of their collaboration and the style of the column as an interchange between two peers be- gan to gradually evolve. When Paul retired from the column in September 2001, Marcia jumped in and took over as Andy's partner in the column, as she is in real life. Together they have written more than seventy articles together and, under their col- laboration, the back-and-forth style of two real-life developers discussing a problem of mutual inter- est evolved further until it truly has become their unique signature. Andy and Marcia's writings are instantly recognizable, and their style has even been imitated (the sincerest form of flattery - even if it was not very successful). However, like all things, this too must come to an end and this is the final offering from Andy and Marcia.

New Ways: The Scope of Things
[[Tamar Granor, PhD]]
When I started using FoxBase+, there were two kinds of variables available: public and private. If you did nothing, any variables you used in code were private. Since that was the most restrictive scope available, it was easy to get into the habit of not declaring variables unless they were public.

Best Practices: Best Practices Part III
[[Jim Booth]]
In the last article of this series we covered the concepts of encapsulation and cohesiveness to understand how to construct routines that have a solid internal structure and we discussed coupling to investigate the issues involved with constructing routines that play well with others. Our first venture into this best practices series covered what constitutes a routine and why we care about routines at all.

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