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Markus Egger

Markus Egger
EPS Software
6605 Cypresswood Dr.
Suite 300
Spring, TX 77379
EPS Software

Markus Egger is the owner of EPS Software, a software development firm founded in Salzburg, Austria, with offices in Salzburg and Houston, Texas. He specializes in object-oriented development using the Microsoft Visual Tools family, with an emphasis on Visual FoxPro.

EPS has worked on numerous software projects for Fortune 500 companies including Phillip Morris, Qualcomm and Microsoft. Markus has also worked with well known FoxPro developers and companies including SBC, F1 and Micromega. He is a contractor for the Microsoft Visual FoxPro team, focusing on object modeling and other object-related technologies.

Markus is an international speaker and has presented sessions at numerous Visual FoxPro conferences, including DevCon 97, DevCon 98, FoxTeach 1996, the European Visual FoxPro Conference, the Dutch Lowlands conference in Amsterdam, the Great Lakes Great Database Workshop in Milwaukee, and several FoxExpress conferences in Las Vegas.

Markus has written numerous articles for Fuchs, FoxTalk and Microsoft Office & Database Journal, and is the owner and editor of Software Developer Magazine, a European Visual FoxPro publication ( He is the author of several well-known tools such as GenRepoX, PowerBrowser and Visual WebBuilder.

Markus received the Visual FoxPro MVP Award (96, 97, 98, 99) from Microsoft for his contributions to the FoxPro community. His application Visual LandPro 98 was a finalist in two categories for the Visual FoxPro Excellence Awards, 1998.

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