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Visual FoxPro Best Practices for the Next Ten Years (ebook only)
Table of Contents

Detailed (17 pages) Table of Contents (PDF) here

Session 1: Development Environment Setup (Panel, Rick Schummer)
Whitepaper: Development Environment Setup (14 pp)
Whitepaper: The Professional Developer's Toolkit (15 pp)
Slide Count: 21
Source Code: None

Session 2: Error Handling and Reporting (Rick Schummer)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Error Handling and Reporting (54 pp)
Slide Count: 29
Source Code: Yes

Session 3: Class Design (Marcia Akins)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Class Design (18 pp)
Slide Count: 33
Source Code: Yes

Session 4: User Interfaces (Tamar Granor)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for User Interface Design (52 pp)
Slide Count: 38
Source Code: None

Session 5: Local Data Access (Andy Kramek)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Local Data Access (36 pp)
Slide Count: 33
Source Code: Yes

Session 6: Remote Data Access (Andy Kramek)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Remote Data Access (22 pp)
Slide Count: 35
Source Code: Yes

Session 7: Refactoring (Nancy Folsom)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Refactoring (56 pp)
Slide Count: 22
Source Code: Yes

Session 8: Reporting and Output (Barbara Peisch)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Reporting and Output (28 pp)
Slide Count: 29
Source Code: Yes

Session 9: Project Management (Cathy Pountney)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Project Management (30 pp)
Slide Count: 70
Source Code: None

Session 10: Debugging (Panel)
Whitepaper: Notes from panel discussion (4 pp)
Slide Count: 0
Source Code: None

Session 11: Vertical Market Applications (Doug Hennig)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Vertical Market Applications (30 pp)
Slide Count: 40
Source Code: None

Session 12: Designing Middle Tier Components (Craig Berntson)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Designment Middle Tier Components (26 pp)
Additional Whitepaper: Windows Component Services with Visual FoxPro (50 pp)
Slide Count: 24
Source Code: Yes

Session 13: Deployment (Rick Borup)
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Deployment (24 pp)
Slide Count: 27
Source Code: None