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NET for Visual FoxPro Developers

If you have a question about the technical contents of this book, please contact the author(s). Their email address(es) can usually be found in their bios in the About the Author section at the front of the book or on the author's bio page (click on the author's name on the book's main page.

Can all the lessons be done with one PC? (no servers needed)
Yes, all the lessons can be done with one PC.

Are all the products (i.e. development tools, database, etc…) included in VS .NET for all the lessons?
All the products necessary are included in VS .NET, with the exception of MSDE which is freely downloadable from Microsoft’s web site.

Page 130 - In the 2nd paragraph, "declares a class named BaseClass" should be "declares a class named HideMethodBase"

Page 182 - The initial list "Moe, Larry, Curly, Bob" should be "Moe, Larry, Bob, Curly"

Page 267 - In the last line of the middle paragraph, "dsOrder to hold the Orders DataSet" should be "dsOrders to hold the Orders DataSet"

Page 285 - In the data binding code for both C# and VB, "ShipVia" should be ".ShipVia".

Page 285 - In the data binding code for C#, the line should be terminated with a semicolon.

Page 313 - In the middle of the page "Global.ServerPath = Global.ServerPath" should be "Global.ServerPath".

Page 315 - At the bottom of the page, Application["ConnectionString"] should be given a value.

Page 323 - In the 4th paragraph, "click to the immediate right of the text box" should be "click to the immediate right of the Submit button"

Page 334 - In Table 4, the column with the heading "Size" should be labeled "Width".