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MySQL Client-Server Applications with Visual FoxPro

If you have a question about the technical contents of this book, please contact the author(s). Their email address(es) can usually be found in their bios in the About the Author section at the front of the book or on the author's bio page (click on the author's name on the book's main page.

Pg 115: There should be a double quote after the last ; and before the last:

m.liH=sqlstringconnect(driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};" ;
+ ";" ;
+ "UID=bob;" ;
+ "PWD=secret;)

should be:

m.liH=sqlstringconnect(driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};" ;
+ ";" ;
+ "UID=bob;" ;
+ "PWD=secret;")

Pg 118: There should be an additional line in firstconnect.prg (

After creating database test_cust, you have to use it before you can create a table in it.

* select the database
? SQLEXEC(m.liH,"USE test_cust")

Pg 118: Change the field names in firstconnect.prg (

so that they are all 'cName'.