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MegaFox: 1002 Things You Wanted to Know About Extending VFP

If you have a question about the technical contents of this book, please contact the author(s). Their email address(es) can usually be found in their bios in the About the Author section at the front of the book or on the author's bio page (click on the author's name on the book's main page.

Chapter 13

We have had people calling us up to ask exactly how they should set about restoring the SQL Server demostration data to use with Chapter 13. We never really considered it a part of MegaFox to include instructions on how to use SQL Server <g> but it is clearly necessary in some cases at least. Therefore we have prepared a document that walks people through the process of creating and populating a SQL Server database from the backup file.

These instructions are included as part of the downloads for the book. Look for the file named