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FoxTales: Behind the Scenes at Fox Software
Table of Contents

Prologue: Morning 1
Chapter 1: Fox Den p5
Chapter 2: Introductions p17
Chapter 3: Evaluations p29
Chapter 4: Competition and Litigation p41
Chapter 5: Adjustments p51
Chapter 6: Distractions p61
Chapter 7: Caves and Beaches p69
Chapter 8: Circus p79
Chapter 9: Fireworks p89
Chapter 10: Missing Pieces p99
Chapter 11: Objects p109
Chapter 12: Marketing Effects p117
Chapter 13: Acting p127
Chapter 14: Wombats and Eggs p135
Chapter 15: Devotion p143
Chapter 16: Snippets p151
Chapter 17: Holiday Happenings p161
Chapter 18: Small Rebellions p171
Chapter 19: Attitude p179
Chapter 20: Desertion p189
Chapter 21: Spit and Polish p203
Chapter 22: Unification p211
Chapter 23: Works of Art p219
Chapter 24: Hints p225
Chapter 25: Shock and Awe p235
Chapter 26: Valediction p247
Epilogue: There and Back Again p259