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Creating Visual FoxPro Applications with Visual FoxExpress

If you have a question about the technical contents of this book, please contact the author(s). Their email address(es) can usually be found in their bios in the About the Author section at the front of the book or on the author's bio page (click on the author's name on the book's main page.

Page 157

The line of code after the first paragraph which reads,

This.Parameters.Items['vp_zipcode'].Value = v_customers.zipcode  

should be corrected to read

This.Parameters.Item['vp_zipcode'].Value = v_customers.zipcode

Chapter 19.

Since F1 Technologies released VFE version 6.3, the SQL Quick Fill Textbox described in Chapter 19 broke. The earlier versions used the KeyPress event of the textbox control to call the QuickFill method. This was changed in version 6.3 to use the InteractiveChange event. This class library fixes the SQL Quick Fill Textbox so that it will work with version VFE 6.3.