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Rick Strahl

Rick Strahl

Rick Strahl is well known for his Internet and component development expertise with Microsoft technologies, and Visual FoxPro in particular. He is the owner of West Wind Technologies in Maui, Hawaii, and is the author of several popular Visual FoxPro Web development tools including West Wind Web Connections, West Wind Internet Protocols and West Wind HTML Help Builder. He also co-authored Visual WebBuilder with Markus Egger of EPS Software.

Rick is actively involved in the FoxPro community and frequently publishes articles for FoxPro Advisor and FoxTalk. His West Wind Web site also contains a number of frequently updated development white papers on cutting-edge Web and COM technologies. Hes been a featured speaker at many recent FoxPro developer conferences, including the last three years at Microsoft Visual FoxPro DevCon, and at a number of user groups throughout the United States. Rick has been a Microsoft MVP for the last five years.

Rick has been involved with Internet development for the last four years and has built a number of very visible, high-volume Internet applications, including the much-publicized Surplus Direct (now Egghead) commerce and auction sites. He has acted as an advisor for the Microsoft Visual FoxPro development team on issues related to building large-scale applications, both for the Web ad the Enterprise.

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