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Jane Random Hacker

Jane Random Hacker

J. (Jane) Random Hacker is a pseudonym for an independent computer programmer and consultant who currently lives in or near Atlanta, Georgia. She has traveled extensively over the past ten years, bopping from one client gig to another. She often travels with a pair of laptop computers (just to make sure that at least one of them matches her outfit that day, if you must know), and depends on the availability of a wireless connection more than some people depend on their car.

She states, "No animals were harmed during the production of this book, although I did fall asleep on my Black Lab one night, and left a trail of drool that took days to clean off. Fetching vision, isn't it?"

About the picture? She sighs, and adds, "No, this isn't really me. Like I'm going to put a picture of me up in public after writing this. If you were actually fooled, then I rather don't think I should bother telling you who it really is, but the lawyers insist. This captivating dish is Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, and the pic is copyrighted by the foamy folks at Core Design ("

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