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FoxTales: Behind the Scenes at Fox Software

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by Kerry Nietz

ISBN: 1-930919-50-6
Length: 280 pages
Formats Available: Printed only (no ebook)
Printed book format: Paperback, 5"x8"
Ebook format: No ebook version
Price ($US): 9.95
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Press date: October, 2003

Printed book availability: In Stock & Shipping
Ebook availability: No ebook version
Source code: No source code

Much has been written about the battles that go on between software companies over market share. FoxTales is the story about one such battle, told from the perspective of a foot soldier--my perspective.

When I started working for Fox Software as a young college grad, it was a company of barely over thirty people. It shared space in a small bank building located in the town of Perrysburg-on the edge of Ohio's farm country. It was a quaint, family-run business and its product, FoxBASE+, was a niche player.

The next four years brought many surprises, though. In that time, Fox would release a line of award winning database products, be sued by a larger rival company, grow to over 250 employees, and eventually outlive the rival to merge with Microsoft, moving all of us thousands of miles west.

And to think, I could've been a farmer.

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