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FoxRockX Single Issue, May/June, 2011 (No. 20)

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Authors:  Doug Hennig, Tamar E. Granor, Cathy Pountney Benelina Jordanova Uwe Habermann Erich Todt

Length: 24 pages (A4)
Formats Available: Printed (incl. electronic) or Electronic only
Printed format: A4 (210x297 mm or 8.3x11.7 in)
Electronic format: PDF
Single Issue Price ($US): 29.00 (printed+electronic) $19.00 (electronic only)
Press date: May, 2011

Printed issue availability: 2011/05 issue being mailed on May 25.
Electronic issue availability: Available for download.
Source code: Available for download.

May, 2011 - Number 20
Deep Dive: Email and File Transfer the Fast (and Cheap!) Way [[Doug Hennig]] In the previous two issues, Doug discusses free libraries generously provided by Craig Boyd to compress and decompress files and encrypt and decrypt strings and files. In this issue, he discussed two more libraries that add MAPI email and file upload and download capabilities to your applica- tions.

Build Your Own Project Tools [[Tamar Granor]], PhD VFP makes it easy to write code to explore and manipulate projects and their contents. While Visual FoxPro's Project Manager doesn't offer much in the way of tools to audit or manage projects, the ability to address the project as an object more than makes up for this deficiency.

Customizing Your Vertical Market Application, Part 3 [[Cathy Pountney]] In the previous two installments of this four- part series, I introduced you to a customization methodology you can implement in your vertical market application to keep your standard code independent from your custom code, yet have the two code bases “play nice“ together. I showed you how to lay the foundation and add hooks in your application. I showed you how to build the custom application, add basic functionality, and explained how to customize menus. In this article, Part 3, I take it a step further and show you how to customize forms, processes, and offer customized data to your clients.

dFPUG.fll Version 3 – Zip, Scan, and more [[Venelina Jordanova, Uwe Habermann, Erich Todt]] The dFPUG.fll has grown up. The little FLL with functions for compressing and decompressing files has become an ample collection of functions indis pensable for many purposes. FoxPro developers are offered capabilites hitherto unknown.

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