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FoxRockX Single Issue, March/April, 2011 (No. 19)

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Authors:  Doug Hennig, Tamar E. Granor, Cathy Pountney Rick Schummer

Length: 24 pages (A4)
Formats Available: Printed (incl. electronic) or Electronic only
Printed format: A4 (210x297 mm or 8.3x11.7 in)
Electronic format: PDF
Single Issue Price ($US): 29.00 (printed+electronic) $19.00 (electronic only)
Press date: March, 2011

Printed issue availability: 2011/03 issue being mailed on March 25.
Electronic issue availability: Available for download.
Source code: Available for download.

March, 2011 - Number 19
Deep Dive: Encryption the Fast (and Cheap!) Way [[Doug Hennig]] In the previous issue, Doug discussed a free library generously provided by Craig Boyd to compress and decompress fles using the ubiquitous ZIP format. This time, he examines another free library from Craig, one that encrypts and decrypts strings and files.

Introducing the Object and Collection Inspector, Part 2 [[Tamar Granor]], PhD Starting with a good framework makes building a new tool much easier, but there are still plenty of challenges. In my last article, I demonstrated the Object and Collection Inspector, a new tool I built to overcome the VFP Debugger's weaknesses in working with collections. This time, I'll open the hood and cover some of the issues I encountered in building the tool.

Customizing Your Vertical Market Application, Part 2 [[Cathy Pountney]] Part 1 of this four-part series introduced you to a customization methodology you can implement in your vertical market application to keep your standard code independent from your custom code, yet have the two code bases “play nice“ together. This article, Part 2, dives into the code showing you how to lay the foundation and start building the custom application as well as how to add some customization to menus in your application.

VFPX: Vista (and Windows 7) Dialogs via COM [[Rick Schummer]] Sedna was released on January 25, 2008, which is more than three years ago. Yet Rick still finds Visual FoxPro developers asking questions about Sedna, where to go get it, what is included, and how to install it. Microsoft open sourced the Sedna release package and source code, and made it so they could be available on VFPX. Now developers can extend them and have the ability to re-release them to the Fox Community. This month Rick is going to show you the VistaDialogs4COM, which is one of the components available in the Sedna package.

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