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FoxRockX Single Issue, May/June, 2010 (No. 14)

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Authors:  Rainer Becker, Rick Schummer, Doug Hennig, Tamar E. Granor, Toni Feltman

Length: 24 pages (A4)
Formats Available: Printed (incl. electronic) or Electronic only
Printed format: A4 (210x297 mm or 8.3x11.7 in)
Electronic format: PDF
Single Issue Price ($US): 29.00 (printed+electronic) $19.00 (electronic only)
Press date: May, 2010

Printed issue availability: 2010/05 issue being mailed on May 10.
Electronic issue availability: Available for download.
Source code: Available for download.

May, 2010 - Number 14
Editorial: The Visual FoxPro Roadshow 2010 [[Rainer Becker]] You are herewith invited to a free one-day workhop right after the Southwest Fox DevCon in October!

VFPX: OOP Menus [[Rick Schummer]] OOP menus are probably the second highest requested feature to be added to Visual FoxPro over the years. Microsoft never responded to this request for some reason (I am speculating it was most likely a resource issue). Doug Hennig wanted OOP menus and over the years implemented his own set of classes to accomplish this task and has posted the classes up on VFPX for others to use and help enhance.

Deep Dive: Practical Uses for GDIPlusX, Part 1 [[Doug Hennig]] GDIPlusX is a VFPX project that exposes GDI+ to VFP applications as a set of VFP class libraries. GDIPlusX makes it easy to add new graphical abilities to your applications, allowing you to provide a fresher and more powerful user interface. This article is the frst in a series that examines some practical uses for GDIPlusX.

New Ways: Extending The Toolbox [[Tamar Granor]], PhD Several issues back, I wrote about the Toolbox, a cool tool added in VFP 8 that makes designing forms and classes much easier. Like many other VFP tools, the Toolbox was written with VFP and was designed with extension in mind. This month, I want to show you how simple some changes to the Toolbox are, so you can customize it for your needs.

Paying it Forward Toni Feltman In the last issue of FoxRockX I talked about three of the eight ActiveX controls that DBI Technologies have graciously provided Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 users for free. In this issue I am going to talk about two more controls that make working with dates a little more exciting. The two controls are: 1. ctDEdit, which is a masked edit control for entering date and time values, and 2. ctDays, which is a single day calendar control that works great for scheduling applications.

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